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Like a Boss Founder

Like a Boss Nutrition Founder Kristen Reddin was on a mission to improve her health. After a 20 year battle with an eating disorder, Kristen recovered and for the first time in her adult life learned how to eat properly with the help of a Registered Dietician/RN/Nutritionist. She quickly learned she was not eating enough protein and was eating too much sugar to reach her goals.

Kristen found that where she struggled to stay on track was with snacking. She could not find a snack that was high in protein, sugar free and that actually tasted great. There were bars that had a chalky texture and snacks that left a chemical aftertaste, or even worse the snacks that were filled with sugar and very little protein that would crumble on her keyboard as she ate them. There had to be a better protein snack!

Kristen decided to use her passion and knowledge to create what she couldn’t find...the perfect high protein, sugar free snacks, and Like a Boss Nutrition was born!

Now, Kristen is on a mission to help others by showing them that high protein, sugar free snacks can be fun and delicious!

Welcome and we can’t wait to help you handle your nutrition LIKE A BOSS!



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