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Protein Snacks

Order our sample pack here! Choose either Protein Cookie Dough samples or Protein Boss Bites samples. Click here for the Sample Pack

No baking needed! In fact, we recommend eating our Protein Cookie Dough right out of the jar.

Anytime!There is no right or wrong way or time to enjoy your snacks. Eat them for a snack on the go or when you have a sweet craving.

Shelf Life

Yes! We do not use any preservatives so you get the most clean snacks on the market. You can keep your snacks fresh in the refrigerator for up to 30 days or in the freezer for up to six months.

Yes!You can take a serving of any of our protein snacks with you as you're out for the day. We recommend keeping the rest of your jar(s) refrigerated at all times for maximum shelf life.

We ship them to you with ice packsto keep them cool along the way. The ice packs WILL BE MELTEDupon arrival. It's okay. Please refrigerate your snacks IMMEDIATELY upon arrival.

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